This is where you will find all the information on how to volunteer for our annual Christmas event.

Thank you!

Our annual event takes an army of believers to let thousands of people hear the good news in one weekend.
Do you want to help? Even though our event is hosted by Legacy Baptist Church, you don’t have to be a member, you don’t even have to attend. We welcome believers from sister churches that are all over our community.
If you would like to get involved but do not know where to start, we have a list of all of the cast member and supporting roles that we need help with.

Cast member roles

These roles involve being in the tour of bethlehem, whether it’s inside the city, outside, or as a guide walking through it all, it’s a very important role to play.

Census Taker
Roman Guard
Tax Collector
Salt Merchant
Oil & Lamp
Fruit Seller
Vegetable Seller
Bread Maker
Wine Merchant
Basket Seller
Cloth Weaver
Cloth Dyer
Cloth Seller
Town Elder
School Teacher
School Boys (must be 6-13 Years)
Jewish Home
Women at the well
Inn Keeper
Wise Men
John at the Cross
Angel at the Tomb
Villagers (Extra’s in the city)

Supporting Roles

Don’t want to act? No problem!
We have a huge need for help outside of the tour.

Drivers (Must have a vehicle that can tow a trailer)
Loading (Assisting guests load and unload from trailer)
Registration / Guest Services
Clean up & Custodial
Follow Up Team (After Bethlehem)

Depending on how many volunteers we have registered for a specific role, we may need to contact you to find a substitution.
You can register for multiple roles at a time. You will be contacted to confirm your volunteer roles & times.


Practice The Script

The best way to figure out what position you want to volunteer as is to read & practice the script! We’ve made it easy to read and find sections, you can view a mobile and web friendly webpage with the entire script, or view/print a 10-page PDF. All you need to do is click the buttons below to start reading.

You can also follow along with an audio recording of the script. See below.

If you want a script on paper, you can go ahead and print one off from the PDF, or contact the church office for a copy.

Listen to the audio script

Don’t like to read? Want to listen to something while you practice? Then we’ve got the perfect thing for you! Below is an audio player that will allow you to either play the entire script or just specific parts.